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LA City Section Baseball

Division 1 Quartefinals
Birmingham 4, Kennedy 3
Birmingham beats Kennedy

Palisades 4, El Camino Real 0
Palisades Stuns ECR

Narbonne 7, Granada Hills 0

Chatsworth 5, Banning 2

#9 Palisades vs. #5 Chatsworth Tuesday @ USC 3:00p

#6 Birmingham vs. #2 Narbonne @ USC 6:00p

LA City Section Baseball & Softball Brackets

LA City Baseball D1 Playoff Predictions

LA City Softball D1 Playoff Predictions

1. Chatsworth
2. El Camino Real
3. Narbonne
4. Birmingham
5. Kennedy
6. San Fernando
7. Banning
8. Palisades
9. Sylmar
10.North Hollywood
11. Granada Hills
12. Verdugo Hills
13. Hamilton
14. Garfield
15. Roosevelt
16. Marshall
17. Bell
18. Carson
19. Cleveland
20. Taft

1. El Camino Real
2. Carson
3. Port of LA
4. Kennedy
5. San Fernando
6. Chatsworth
7. Eagle Rock
8. San Pedro
9. Birmingham
10. Banning
11. Poly
12. Lincoln
13. Bell
14. Palisades
15. Granada Hills
16. Narbonne
17. Garfield
18. Venice
19. South Gate
20. Hamilton

LA City Baseball

There are still several teams that remain unbeaten in league play heading into spring break.  There are also several leagues that will be very interesting to watch in the next few weeks.  

Unbeaten Teams in League

Dorsey - Coliseum

North Hollywood - East Valley

Garfield - Eastern

Hamilton - Western

In the Marine League Banning, Narbonne and Carson are sure to give City Fans great games after the Easter break.  Sylmar has become a dominant team in the Valley Mission League already beating San Fernando and City opponents Narbonne and Taft.  The West Valley League looks like the toughest league once again with El Camino Real, Chatsworth and Cleveland looking strong so far in non-league play.

LA City Baseball Top 5

LA City Softball

In City Softball there a bunch of unbeaten teams in league.

King Drew - Coliseum

POLA - Crosstown

Poly - East Valley

Bell - Eastern

Carson and Banning  - Marine

Marshall - Northern

Kennedy - Valley Mission

El Camino Real - West Valley (undefeated in tournament play as well)

Venice - Western

El Camino Real looks like the early favorite in Division 1. The addition of Port of Los Angeles to Division 1 should be interesting come playoff time as they are likely to battle either Banning, Carson or El Camino in the semifinals.

LA City Softball Top 5

Westchester Shows the City Section Heart

Westchester fell behind in the first half of Saturday's Southern Section Regional Finals against Mater Dei, and the entire arena believed the game to be over.  The Comets were down as much as 17 points in a sloppy first half.  The second half started and you could just feel the energy from the start.  Everyone who has followed and knows Westchester Basketball never gave up on Coach Ed Azzam's team.  They came back and showed the heart that it takes to play in the City Section year in and year out. As great as the Westchester program has been over the years, they were still considered underdogs.  We don't see that changing in the coming years as the private schools have monopolized all the great talent in and out of the city.  A big congratulations to Coach Ed Azzam and his staff and to the Westchester basketball team that represented the LA City Section and made all of us proud.  

LA City Sports, Boys Soccer Division I

Birmingham beats Bell 2-1 in Overtime to win the Division 1 City Crown